New Account Setup -- Instructions
Setting up a new account with is easy!  Here are the steps you will take:
  • Review these instructions, and print them for future reference. Then click the link to "Complete Setup Form" and fill in the information requested on that form.  Then click 'Set Up My MembershipTool Account'.
  • You will receive two User Names (and Passwords).  One will be for your Organization account with (yes, we use our product to manage our own members!).  The second account will be for you as the first user of your new Club or Organization account.  You will be established as a user with all possible privileges -- including the "System Administrator" designation -- for your organization.
  • With your first User Name/Password, you can log in to at any time, and review or update your personal information, review your account history, or make a payment.  Keep in mind that when you use this first password, you are a Regular Member with us, not an Administrator or your own Organization.
  • With your second password, you can customize for your specific Club or Organization,  add members,  set up and manage a Marketlace, and more.  Here are the steps you should take:
  1. Log into with your second (club-specific) User Name and Password.
  2. Select "Setup Client Options" from the "Other" menu panel (at the right of the screen).
  3. On the Setup Client Options page:
    • Enter the "Banner Name" that you want your members to see at the top of each page.
    • Enter the Email Address of your System Adminstrator (this is the person in your organization who should receive questions about your use of the MembershipTool).
    • Upload a Logo Image and Photo Image for your organization.  Both images will display on the login screen that your members will see, and the logo image will appear on invoices that you print using MembershipTool.
    • Enter the information requested for inclusion on invoices that you print using MembershipTool: Main Address, Remittence Address, Web Address, and Telephone Number.  [If you don't plan to use Membershiptool for invoices, these entries are not necessary.]
  4. Return to the the Main Menu, and select "Modify Membership Plans" from the Membership menu panel.  Here you can add or modify Membership Plans for your Club or Organization, and you can customize the default privileges that each Membership Plan member will enjoy (unless modified by a designated Manager of your Organization).  Your account will start with two pre-defined Membership Plans: "Shopper" and "Club Member".  If these are sufficient for your initial needs, you can skip to the next step.  Otherwise, add or modify plans as shown on the screen.
  5. Return to the the Main Menu, and select "View Membership Info" from the Membership menu panel.  On this screen, you can add or edit the members of your Club or Organization.  If you have your current membership information in a spreadsheet or database, feel free to contact us.  We may be able to help you load this information into our system automatically!
  6. If you have an existing web page, add a link called "Member Login" and direct it to[your organization acronym].
  7. If you wish to set up a MarketPlace in MembershipTool, where you can offer your special merchandise to the whole world, return to the the Main Menu, and select "Manage MarketPlace" from the Membership menu panel.  Here, you can add the Major Categories, Item Categories, and Items Offered for your MarketPlace.
  8. Congratulations!  You are done with the initial setup of your MembershipTool account.  Now you can tell your members about this great new service.  Be sure to tell each member their new User Name and Password for access to, and instruct them to log in by clicking "Member Login" on your web page, or by going directly to

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