About MembershipTool.com
MembershipTool was introduced in 2006 as an effort to automate the records of a local Swim & Racquet Club in Bowie, Maryland.  The club had about 300 members, and its records were in bad shape.  There were frequent disputes about membership status.  Issuing invoices and then processing payments was extremely laborious, and the records of who had paid and when were difficult to find.  An up-to-date inventory of photographs of every family member seemed impossible. And frequent changes of the club officials (who were, after all, volunteers) just compounded the problems.  

As club members ourselves, we developed MembershipTool.com originally to solve these problems.  And solve them it did!  The club membership was delighted, and the club managers found that their workload was much less even as the information at their disposal improved dramatically.  People actually sought us out to thank us!

With this happy experience, we decided to give the MembershipTool capability to our local Akita Club.  Once again, the reception was very positive.  Even our dogs were happy. [Of course, they are always happy.]  So at that point, we decided that this was a product that a lot of Clubs and Organizations could really use, and we decided to introduce it nationally.

We believe that your club or organization could benefit from MembershipTool, too.  One way to get the tool is to have us join your club -- but we would really get exhausted from all those meetings!  Therefore, we recommend that you just buy the service.  At 5 cents a member a month, you can't go wrong!
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