Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does MembershipTool cost?
The first month is free (!), and the second month is only $5.00.  After that, we charge just 5 cents per member per month, plus 0.2% of any MarketPlace sales, with a minimum charge of $5.00 per month.  This means that most Clubs and Organizations will pay only $5.00.
 2. What software do I need?
All you need is your Internet browser! There is nothing to load on your machine.
3. Can I download my records from MembershipTool?
Yes you can! People that you designate as "Managers" can request that a file containing your membership data be sent immediately to the person's email address.
4. Is there any long-term obligation?
None whatsoever!  All you need to do is to maintain a positive balance in your MembershipTool account.  If you don't, of course, your service will be suspended.
5. Why should my Club or Organization use MembershipTool?
MembershipTool keeps all your records in one place, where your members and managers can access it at any time.  Members can update their information, check account status, or make a payment on-line.  Managers can review membership records, debit accounts, generate and print invoices, obtain summary information, send emails to members, and much more!  Log in with User Name: DMIL004 and Password: manager1 to explore some of these capabilities.
6. Can I customize my organization's use of MembershipTool?
Yes you can! You will have at least one "System Administrator", who has additional capabilities to tailor MembershipTool to your needs.
7. How much does it cost me to accept credit cards through MembershipTool?
MembershipTool works with "Google Checkout", a recent innovation from Google.  Google credit card transactions are free to you through the end of 2007.  After that, their pricing calls for a fee of 2% plus 20 cents per transaction.  This is much less than most merchant credit card alternatives, and Google deposits your proceeds to your account within a few days.  Learn more at ''.
Welcome to -- the easy, quick and accurate way to maintain your membership data! With MembershipTool, you keep track of membership and financial information on-line.  Members can update their own information quickly and easily.  They can even make payments to the Club or Organization on-line, with a credit card!  And Managers can access member information from anywhere.  No more out-of-date spreadsheets, no more missing paper records, no more confusion about data or transactions.

And there's more! With MembershipTool, you can set up a 'MarketPlace', and offer items for sale and purchase on-line.  Both the general public and your members can shop in your MarketPlace.
Try our demonstration club, the Demo Akita Club of Bowie, and see how powerful and easy it is to use MembershipTool:
  • Enter User Name: DBER002 and Password: member1 to see the site as a typical 'Club Member'.
  • Enter User Name DMIL004 and Password: manager1 to see the site as a typical 'Manager'.
  • Log In here to give MembershipTool a try!
Sign up today! The first month is free, monthly rates start at only $5.00, and there is never an obligation to continue.  We look forward to serving you.